The insurance company uses software, settlement data, restrictions and some plain common sense to try to settle most claims as low as possible but not accurately.

They use Deny, Delay, Defend tactics where they make you either wait a long time or get a denial and make you quit trying to get your money and lastly when they defend it can go in multiple ways which is they can send your claim to the legal department and make you talk to attorneys, they can deny you and try to force you into court or they can simply make you a low offer and continue offering it to you including sending you a check which can have verbiage on the check or attached documentation which releases them from liability if you accidentally cash it.

It is important to understand the way insurance companies think and operate before you open a claim. The first thing is most adjusters or claim reps are not allowed to pay you an amount higher than $1000-1500 without authorization and another thing is sometimes the adjuster has a supervisor or a manager telling them to not pay you or what to offer.

Lastly most software is calculated based not only on type of vehicle meaning MSRP, deprecation yearly and mileage but they use NADA which already pays you less and they use repair cost to have a basis in paying you less than repairs to your vehicle and not the actual loss, which in many cases the diminished value is more than the repair cost. We do appraisals that are accurate and we make sure the insurance company doesn’t have any excuses when dealing with us, the problem is that if you try to open a claim yourself first without proof it will make your claim very difficult to prove later on. If you wouldn’t operate on yourself, or wouldn’t fix your own body work?

Why would you try to fight a claim yourself without being an expert in diminished value?

Let us do the dirty work and heavy lifting, you have enough stress to worry about with your recent car accident.