Why you need to get a diminished value appraisal report? The burden of proof is on you, the insurance company will never do anything in your benefit they do things to keep money in the pockets of the insurance company and so you must prove your loss through legal documentation. There are multiple things to consider and the biggest being the definition of legal, many people are just plain cheap or don’t use common sense. They get automated instant reports from dv companies from $9.99 to $39.99 and then end up being laughed at unless it is very low and then the insurance company might use it to there advantage. Whenever ordering any appraisal make sure it is USPAP compliant which is the only standard approved by congress and the supreme court. Not all appraisers are equal, everyone has thought at one point or another hey the insurance company will pay more to write up bad appraisals in there favor but hey it is unethical and long term nobody can trust an insurance company and so we never get into the practice of working for big insurance. We rather work for attorneys, consumers and fleet services, including body shops. Our services are court approved and meet the standard of burden, so before you try to get a print off of KBB or NADA, or simply try to get a trade in value from the dealer next door or even think of getting an instant report for El Cheapo for $9.99 please take into consideration that you can also be accused of intentional fraud and get your claim thrown out permanently simply for using the wrong appraiser.