What is it and how does it work. Many People Search For A way to calculate or quantify diminished value, the problem is you can’t. Many so called dv experts online charge $10 to $100 in an attempt to make quick money from you but they are breaking the law or using was is called bad faith in the insurance industry that can lead to you being accused of fraud and getting your claim thrown out without a possibility to fix the issue that you were not aware of. There is an old saying whatever comes cheap ends up being much more expensive later. Please remember when someone says assessment or report it means it is not a legal appraisal.

There are multiple things to account for when anyone reputable is making an appraisal, one being it cannot be automated and it must be looked at by a professional, so anything instant is not going to give you an appraisal.

Every car devalues differently after an accident, example a Honda might loose a range of $3000-5000 while a Porsche might loose as much as $20,000 or more and a BMW $5000-10,000.

Many people say 10 years or 100,000 miles which is not the case, that is a basis to weed out that claim emails that will be annoying and in reality the only determining factor is price of the car, if retail value is worth less than $7500 it probably will not have diminished value and so it is not worth pursing but there are many cars that though over 10 years or 100,000 miles cost 10, 20 and even a few hundred thousand.
A real diminished value calculation takes many different things into consideration when creating an appraisal.

Type of car if it is luxury, exotic, classical, commercial and so on.
Market inventory, if it is a rare car or if there are to many on the market
The mileage and condition of the car
If it is a pickup truck, minivan, limo, 4 door, 2 door, convertible
Manual, automatic or tip-tronic

Other factors include type of damage
Replacement panels vs. Repaired panels
refinish, sealants, bonds and paint quality
if there is uni-body or frame damage
bolt on parts and matching, oem and the amount of body work vs parts

vehicle history and previous accidents, personal and commercial use, use in parades, market comparable vehicles and all options a car has in some cases the additional equipment can cost more than the entire car, some cars have as much as $40,000-200,000 additional equipment and in most occasions it is $5000 difference or more in price.

17c doesn’t allow cars over 100,000 miles and it accounts for retail pricing and not market comparable’s which can vary by as much as $5,000- 20,000 in some cases

When a normal Diminished value claim would be $4000 with 17c it would be $700 or less so taking those things into account understand that you get what you pay for and anyone reputable gives a free online estimate or in person inspection only.

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The one thing you must understand is an insurance company puts the burden of proof on you to get proof and a print out online, a trade in appraisal from a dealer or a guess is not enough.